How to choose best web hosting for your website ?

We have been covering blogging in our previous 6 posts and covered the basics of blogging. From how to create a blog to where to generate traffic. Today we will guide about which web hosting you should choose.

So now let’s jump into the advanced features of blogging.


We all know the difference between Blog spot, and Word press, right?

In short, Blog spot is a free platform where the condition to buy hosting isn’t there .Word press is a paid platform for which hosting is a must.

The choice is yours, whether you choose Blog spot or Word press. Both have their pros and cons.

So, if you choose Word press. Then you might be wondering about the factors to be kept in mind while choosing an ideal hosting provider for yourself.

Mention not, in this article we will be having a look at the factors to be kept in mind while choosing an ideal hosting provider for you.

Numerous hosting providers are competing with each other to generate as many customers as they can. but not all are perfect for you.

I can’t surely refer anyone hosting provider to you, but yes. one can consider these factors before finalizing the hosting provider.

So let’s get started with our ultimate list of factors:


The foremost factor that must be kept in mind is the website’s needs. If you require high storage hosting or low storage, fast speed hosting or not, in the same way, figure out your priorities based on your website niche and list them out.


The pricing is the second main thing that acts as a key factor while determining an ideal hosting provider. Any hosting provider must have a reasonable price structure, and the hosting terms must match the pricing stated.

The renewal price must also be considered while selecting an ideal hosting provider. Sometimes, hosting providers at the initial stages give at cheap rates and renewal hike the prices. So, ask before making a purchase.


Must checkout the goodwill of any hosting company before finalizing your purchase.

Any hosting company shall be diligently checked before since there can be a lot of fraud persons making a scam by way of hosting providers.

Customer data is highly sensitive and important, so as a customer, do act as an active and alert customer.


The support system is what makes a company, and what breaks a company.

Any hosting provider you choose must have an ideal 24/7 support system to solve your query on any hosting-related problem you face.

Not only does the activeness matter, but has cooperation also mattered. The support system must be cooperative and active.


Google generally prefers a site with high speed and quick response time.

So before making a purchase has a look over the speed and optimization features of the hosting services you are choosing from your selected hosting provider.

Most reliable and trusted hosting providers provide stable speed sites.  Furthermore, have a diligent look at the storage and bandwidth features of the hosting service.


An ideal and reliable hosting provider does have a quick refund policy.

If any plan doesn’t go their way, the hosting provider shall return the full amount of money paid to the customer, keeping the customer satisfaction at first.

 An ideal customer must check the refund policy of all companies before purchasing the hosting service.


How one can neglect the server locations? Server locations play a crucial role in any hosting service.

The server makes the contact between you and your user, so any server location plays an important role in determining the time your content will take to reach out to your users.

As an ideal customer, choose a hosting provider having a location of servers as close as your visitors.


A successful businessman generally has long-term plans, and all can see those plans by the decisions of that person. Same like that, an ideal hosting provider’s plans can be seen by one’s decisions and the marketing one does to enhance the scale of its operation.


Wait a minute! Before you go, let’s conclude what we have talked about. So, an ideal hosting provider must have a good reputation in the society, shall have good customer support and a money-back guarantee, which the features provided must be as good as you want.  

If you had selected any hosting provider after keeping the above points in mind, now it comes to the verification, of whether your selection is optimum or not.

You can verify the choice by making conscientious research on Google by having a look at the Google reviews, and also can take suggestions from your known’s ones if they have taken the hosting from the same.


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There aren’t any sponsored names, all these are tried ones, but yes neither me nor anyone from my team, assure the reliability of the hosting providers stated above. Do inspect the reviews, and make a diligent research before making any purchase.

Thanks for your time, hope you loved the content being published on our site.

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