Search Engine optimization : How to rank your website

In this article, we will be learning some Do’s and Don’ts of Search engine optimization.

Search Engine optimization

SEO: Search Engine optimization

SEO is search engine optimization making your web content available on Goggle pages. 

Search engine optimization needs hard attention to each detail in the content being published. 

We have already published the content on the types of SEOs:


On-page SEO is the technique to be followed in the content being published, while OFF page SEO means the techniques to be followed after publishing the content. 

Creating SEO-optimized content is a challenging task. It does require a lot of time and effort but the outcomes are highly fruitful.

A single keyword can make your life too easy to live, but finding that may take years. 

Let’s jump into the content of this article; here we will be having a look at the Dos and DON’Ts of Search Engine Optimization. 

Any content writer; writing the content must be aware of SEO techniques before publishing the content, as the content is the art that needs to be furnished well enough by the artist. 

SEO is a secondary technique, the primary focus must be the content itself. 

What do you do when you visit someone for an interview?

The initial aim of every person is to impress the person taking the interview, similarly, Google is the interviewer, and you are that person. 

You have to impress Google with your content, so that, Google ranks you above others. 

DOs and DON’Ts of SEO


The keyword research is the primary task to be initiated. Any content written without keyword research rarely gets any attention from users. 

Select a keyword after detailed research and then move further.

Keyword placement in the content also plays an important role. 

Keep your keyword in the very first paragraph of the content and make a ratio of 1 keyword for every 100 words written.

The title should be furnished well with keywords, and make the use of keywords smartly in the content. 


As a user think of it when you visit any site, will you wait for 10-15 seconds? No right?

Not even a single one, until or unless it’s an emergency. 

People generally avoid high loading speeds. All will prefer an instant opening site over the other one, provided that other factors remain constant. 

Make your page speed fast by not uploading high-weighted fonts and high-resolution images. Keep the page simple, and avoid high customization.


Who doesn’t know the importance of this? Content is the foremost thing that matters on any website. A website without content is no use. Also, a website with low-quality content is deemed as a website with no content.

Publish high-quality content by focusing on SEO techniques published in the previous articles. 


Word count:

Word count plays an important role in any content. Content must be published with a good amount of word count, which keeps the interest of users while reading the content.

Also, Google prefers high word count content over low count content.


The language being used in the content shall be simple and understandable. Typical jargon should be avoided. Keep it simple, elegant, and simple to read.


The images being added to the content should be self-made and must be there with ALT text with it.

Create images of your own, and avoid copy-pasting any image from Google. Also, keep the size of the image low, since it directly affects the page speed of your website.   


Content structure shall also be maintained properly. Any content without a proper structure is of no use.

From an SEO point of view, any content being published shall be there with H1, H2, H3, and so on. The paragraphs should not be long enough.
 A paragraph must not have more than 80-100 words in it. Bold your specific keyword in the content, and add the relevant keywords in the first and last paragraphs for sure, making it easy for Google as well users to understand what the content is/was all about.


Meta description aware Google about what’s there in your content. With the help of meta-description, Webmasters sketch out what is written in the content, and what’s the quality of the content.

Meta-description is a text that appears when your content is listed in search results. A Meta-description should have a focused keyword and must be a couple of sentences long.
–     Avoid any duplicity in content. Focus on unique content. Since there are millions of sites available on Google.

So, if every site is having the same content, Google will not give any attention to your content also. Make your content available in front of Google, in this way, it forces Google to rank your content. 


Internal linking is kind of adding your other relevant content links to your present content in relevant places, and external linking is placing your website’s link on some other website authorizing it. 

Internal, as well as external linking for SEO perspective, is a must. The linking makes the content authority high, and also somewhat brings traffic.

Never go for the backlink for backlink trap, when you take a backlink, don’t offer the backlink from the same site from which you took the backlink. Google avoids link exchange. 
Keep these Do’s and don’ts in mind whilst writing your content. And do publish your content after ticking every point mentioned above and in previously published content. 


In a nutshell, any content shall be furnished with a proper structure and techniques. Search engine optimization isn’t a piece of cake for everyone, it requires years of experience, and that experience comes when you try. 
You do lose when you are desperate but you win when you are determined and patient. 
So keep waiting, and do hard work. One day success will come to you itself.