OFF-Page Seo: unique way to get on top in search result


OFF-PAGE SEO : Intoduction

In this article, we will be looking after the OFF-PAGE SEO in continuation with the ON-PAGE SEO discussed in the previous article.
SEO is search engine optimization, which improvises the ranking of the website, and increases the visibility of the content to the viewers

One needs to properly attain knowledge of ON-PAGE and OFF-PAGE SEO, to make good earnings and focus on high traffic and impressions.

Ignoring the SEO compatibility in the content makes the content redundant.

As we have already discussed the ON PAGE SEO, you can have a look over the article (LINK HERE), since both the types play an important role in ranking and website improvement.

ON PAGE SEO as the name suggests is the internal improvement of the content, whereas OFF-
PAGE SEO means the external off-page page improvement of the content.
You will be getting detailed information below…

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Take an example when you create your website, who knows about it? You, your friends, or people in whose contact you are.

But now after creating it, you have to make it available for all right? That’s what OFF PAGE SEO does!
It’s a way when you make your site available in front of others so that they can visit it.

The techniques used in OFF PAGE SEO are named OFF PAGE SEO TECHNIQUES.
The two main techniques for OFF PAGE SEO are-

● Link building
● Website promotion

However, link building is somewhat a part of website promotion, but it keeps a separate existence of itself.


Link building is placing your website’s post link to someone else’s website.

As per Google, link building is an integral part of any website. The main aim of link building is to improve the website’s domain authority and also increase website traffic.

Taking an example, when you visit a market and everyone there refers to a single shop to get a product purchased from. What will you do? You will visit Backlink right?

Backlink works similarly, to a vote for trust, where many sites refer a user to a single website, and it forces a user to visit that site.

Prefer quality over quantity. Never go for a high quantity of low-quality backlinks, go for a low quantity of high-quality backlinks.

One quality backlink from high authorized domain website is far better than 100+ low-quality backlinks.

How to Create Backlinks?

For the creation of any backlink there are some ways:

Either you can approach a person having a high authority domain name. You can find them on telegram groups, Facebook, and many other places.

You can use Quora for generating backlinks. Answering any relevant question, and attaching your website’s link with it creates a backlink.

Since Quora is already a high authority site, it does create quality backlinks.


Website promotion is the promotion of your website to attract users to the content. It’s a way to promote the content published on the website. Website promotion aware the users about the existence of your website, and make them visit your site.

Techniques for website promotion-

SOCIAL MEDIA SITES: Website promotion on social media sites is the way of promoting the published content on social media sites.

There is a way of promoting the content on social media sites. It’s nothing like that to sign in and share the link blindly, keep patience and slowly share decently share the link


One of the prominent uses of INSTAGRAM is to share the content on stories and posts with hashtags with it.


Telegram is another social media platform where one can make social links and promote the website to gain traffic.


How can we forget twitter? The foremost app to get in trend is twitter. Share the content via tweet with trending and relevant hashtags and boom get the traffic thereon.


Wondering how Whatsapp will assist in getting traffic? Stickers and Gifs are a good way to promote the content through Whatsapp. Create stickers and link your website name to them.

Social media, however, will affect your social traffic, not the organic traffic which is desired one, but yes slowly and gradually it will assist you in getting organic traffic also.

However, there are other various platforms where you can share the content in one or another way, via answering questions in the QUORA app, by creating web stories for blogs, Reddit, Google sites, and many more.

Just think out of the box to get the traffic, your one idea can make a big difference in your blogging journey.

There are plenty of groups where you can share the links and create a circle for the direct traffic thereon.


The images shall be created on your own, and must be shared with a URL thereon. Some images sharing platforms are PINTEREST, QUORA, etc.

The images shared shall be informative and attractive, forcing a person to click on them.
Video sharing: What’s video sharing? Video sharing is a way of website promotion where you make a video and make it public on various platforms like youtube, Hulu, Dailymotion, and many more.

Blog commenting:

Another way of blog promotion is blog commenting, where one increases the traffic by way of blog commenting. Commenting on someone else’s blog and the promotion text of your blog is a good way to attract traffic.

Guest posting:

Guest posting is a key way to draw traffic towards the content published on your site. It is a way when you post your article on someone else’s website already having a lot of traffic, giving a link directing towards your website.
Lastly, I want to say that OFF PAGE and ON-PAGE SEO are the key factors to getting successful in blogging.

However, Off Page SEO needs much more attention and hard work than ON-PAGE SEO as it requires dedicated time and effort.

As we said in the previous article, your content and website should also be well optimized with SEO SETTING.

I wish you loved the content and will assist us in sharing our content with blogger friends to make a sustainable career in blogging.
We will be coming back soon with our new article soon.