Best way to get traffic on website for free

You all are doing blogging right? or may in a thought to start blogging, that’s the only reason you came here to read this blog. Today we will learn about how to get traffic

So I will be covering some quick ways to increase website traffic in this article.

Just give me your precious couple of minutes of your life, and let’s get started. I will make sure that you will not regret it.

For how long you guys are doing Blogging?

Maybe a month, or maybe from years right? or may also be thinking to start in the future.

But it’s a harsh truth that no one gets successful overnight, one has to give a lot of dedication and hard work to get success in blogging.

to get traffic

Initially, I also faced the same issue, but slowly I took some steps to attract viewers to my content.

In this article, I will be sharing those tips and tricks with you to get views for your website.

Make sure before going for traffic, your content tick marks the following conditions:-

1. Niche selection:

The content being uploaded is similar to the niche you selected, and the niche shall be the one that most of the users prefer. Any niche without views is of no use, even if your content quality is marvelous.

For example, if you are going to purchase a shoe in a market, and you badly needed that, but people are referring to Grocery shops instead of shoe shops, how would you feel? Bad right? Similarly, any niche of no use shall be avoided.

2. Content:

If you selected a valid niche, then the next thing you must do is, content writing. Although we have already published a content writing post in our previous post ( Link ), in brief, your content should be unique, filled with keywords, and must not be repetitive.

Make your content SEO-friendly and user-engaging so that users may spend most of their time reading your content happily. Any plagiarised or grammatical errors in content should be avoided as much as possible.

3. Website:

The website must be customized well enough, that when a user comes to you, he or she doesn’t run away with the bad experience they face on your website.

The page speed shall be good enough, and the layout and design should also be highly responsive.

Now, let’s get into the Website traffic tricks:

There are two main ways of website views,

One is social and the other one is organic.

organic Is the one in which a user comes to the site by getting your article’s link on any social media platform, and the organic one is the one where a user searches on Google and finds and clicks your site.

Social traffic is easy enough to find, but organic one needs much attention.


YouTube: Youtube is a good way to generate social as well organic traffic. Any link provided in the comment section or description box of a youtube video will generate social traffic and any update provided in the video, and if the user searches the content on Google, the same will provide the organic traffic.

Instagram: The foremost Social traffic generator is Instagram, where you can periodically upload content by providing your website name and URL with hashtags therein. Trending hashtags are preferred to get the desired results.


One can’t neglect the importance of Pinterest where, after uploading Images you may get good views in return. Provided that the image shall of own.


Quora, is the knowledgeable platform answering every possible query. After answering someone’s question, one can attach the site’s link with it. Subject to a condition that the link shall be relatable.

Facebook/ Whatsapp:

Brothers from another mother, Facebook and WhatsApp can also be used as a good social views generator after sharing the link on it.


There are a lot of channels where one can make connections and can share the site’s link. Any traffic there from shall be considered as social traffic only.


Any trend you find today will for sure have a connection with Twitter. Either the trend will be started on Twitter or later on will trend on Twitter.

No trending topic may pass out without being on Twitter. So keep sharing your content on Twitter and attach trending hashtags with it. Keep tweeting, and you will gain the traffic there.


As discussed in our earlier blogs, guest posting is a way where one publishes his/her’s content on someone’s else website. Guest-Posting is another way for attracting users to your content and hence a good way for social traffic.


Again, Backlink works as a domain authority enhancer, with that also increases the traffic towards your content.

To be honest, as per my thinking, social traffic can be gained in many ways. Any app can be used as a good social traffic generator, but the saddest part is that organic traffic is much more preferred over social traffic.

So let’s jump into how to get organic traffic.

Organic Traffic:

Organic traffic is there from search engines only, so we can’t make any sub-points in it.

This traffic is based on user- preference and your content quality. Write quality content and make good quality backlinks from high authority domains to rank on Google and get traffic from it.

Keep in mind the ON-PAGE SEO as well as OFF-PAGE SEO to get the desired organic traffic.

A short checklist for On-Page SEO

1. Low-resolution self made Images

2. Meta-description in the content

3. Ideal keyword research and placement

4. Ideal content structure

5. Bold and frequent use of keywords

Hey guys, that’s it for today. This was the answer to your question “How to get traffic”

I have covered both organic as well as social traffic in it.

For social traffic, any app like Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, or Pinterest can be used, whereas for organic traffic On-Page and Off-Page Seo must be kept in mind.

I will be coming up with my next article soon.

You can comment on the topic on which you need any article.