Content writing: How to start and earn

Guys, we will be looking at the basics of content writing in this article.

What is content writing?

It is the art of writing things of your own or taking references from some other’s content.

Any blog published or to be published needs content that must be pleasing, encouraging, and interesting.

People generally avoid boring content and try to skip content frequently.

So, what to do? You must write interesting content by making their interest therein at each point of time.

No matter what, your skills must be next level.

Content writing


Any content thereon shall be in a suitable structure where each part must be encouraging and must not be boring.

What does an ideal structure look like

For an ideal structure you must keep in mind these lines:


Any paragraph therein shall not exceed more than 100 words in it, and must be as short as possible.

Since people avoid long paragraphs so it’s preferable to tick the mark of short paragraphs.


The headlines shall be eye-catching and must be written in such a way, that it forces the user to read the content.


Same as headlines, the title shall also be eye-catching and must be encouraging and user-friendly.

A boring title never attracts a user, whereas an attractive title may also attract a user towards boring content.


The keyword research and placement make a significant impact on content.

Any content should be written after diligent keyword research and must consider keywords therein.

The keyword placement is another big task, where your content shall be having a good number of keywords.

For an instance, your content shall have a ratio of 1:100 (1 keyword for every 100 words).

The content shall have the keyword in the very first paragraph, and also must have an existence at the end.

What tools you should use while content writing?



The most prominent tool that is used in content writing is Grammarly.

Grammarly is a tool providing useful details of your content.

It makes sure that your content is enriched with quality and that there aren’t any grammatical or common errors left.

One can use Grammarly free of cost, and also paid subscription is available to Grammarly to get access to premium tools there.

The premium tools of Grammarly can be therein used for free by way of cookies but for that, you have to get the updated cookies daily to get the access.


word counts matter in every content. Any content shall not lack words. A minimum preferred word count is 800+ with a condition that the content is not compromised with quality.

Plagiarism Detector: Plagiarism is copying someone’s else content that has been already there on Google.

Publishing Plagiarised content is of no use, as Google neglects the Plagiarised content.

Any content before publishing shall go through the Plagiarism detector, which gives an update if the content is Plagiarised or not.

What mistakes one should avoid while writing the content?


The content to be published or has been published shall not be Plagiarised. Since we have already discussed plagiarism so there’s no need to again discuss the same point.


The selected keyword shall be low competitive and high traffic. Any keyword selected shall be repetitive in the content.

Any content shall contain the keyword in the initial paragraph, body, and also the end of the paragraph.

The reason for the same is that, with the repetition of the keyword in the content, it’s easy for Google to get an idea of the content and also for the users about what the content is.


Repetition of keywords is allowed but not the content. You should avoid repetition in the content as it makes the content boring and Google generally avoid the same content again and again. So keep the repetition in mind.

Creativeness: In an Extention to the above point, any content of an article should be creative and unique. Uniqueness and thrillers make the content interesting and keep the interest of the users in it.

End: The end or simply say the conclusion shall not be compromised and must give an idea of the content there in the article. A conclusion is a summary of the content, so keep it encouraging and knowledgeable.


As we have already discussed the SEO in our previous posts, so keep SEO in mind.

ON-PAGE SEO and the OFF-PAGE SEO shall be kept in mind while writing content and after publishing content respectively. Since both play an important role in content writing.

Can you earn with content writing?

There is a question if content writing is a good source of earnings or not?

It is.

Content writing is a handsome source of income where if a person gives time and skills then one can earn a good alternate income.

However, it’s a personal recommendation that content writing shall not be the only way of earning because the earning is dynamic here and cannot be completely reliable. As a person with more skills than you can replace you in a fraction of seconds.

You have to keep updating your skills and make sure that you can write on every topic provided to you.

How much can one earn?

If you are questioning how much one can earn, well it depends upon the connections and the skills you have.

If both are high then one can earn high enough, and if any of the above is low then one can’t earn as expected.

On an average 8-10k INR a month is expected to be earned if you devote a good time to content writing.


I hope you got a good idea of what’s Content Writing, and if it’s a good source of income or not.

Keep the points in mind which has been taught above and write content accordingly. Make sure you don’t compromise with the quality and also with the quantity.

Once someone said, ‘Quality matters more than quantity, here in content writing, Quality as well as quantity, both matters a lot.

Thanks for reading, I hope you loved the content. You can read our other blogs through the links given below.