Blogging : Easy way to earn from home

What is Blogging?

Might be questioning, what is blogging?

Well in this article you will be getting a detailed explanation of your questions, and also you will be learning the introduction of blogging, simply say fundamentals of blogging.

Blogging is a way that assists a person to express his or her thoughts in textual as well as pictorial form.

Blogging is touching heights where the count of bloggers is increasing day by day.
It will not be wrong if we say blogging is a hot topic nowadays and has a bright future ahead.
Blogging shall be initiated carefully with a piece of complete knowledge.

Partial knowledge is as bad as no knowledge.


So let’s jump into Blogging: How to do it?

So firstly, you must understand that blogging takes time. No one gets successful over a night. Keep patience while blogging as the returns may take years or months to get back to you.

Platforms for Blogging :

The foremost question is which platform is best for blogging?

The answer depends, on whether BlogSpot is suitable for people with no or little money as investors, and WordPress for those who are having a good amount of money in hand.

BlogSpot is a free platform providing free hosting and a domain with it, whereas WordPress on the other hand is a paid platform, where you have to buy hosting and domain to operate it.

Talking about the features, BlogSpot has limited features, whereas WordPress provides plenty of features that assist your blog to rank faster and gain traffic.

AdSense does prefer WordPress sites over BlogSpot, but other factors like SEO, content, and site optimization make a separate impact.


Can we do Blogging from Mobile?

Blogging can be initiated from any device, whether it’s a tablet or mobile phone, or laptop. All it depends upon the personal convenience of the person.

But it’s suggested that do blogging on the laptop since it will be easy for you to write content and get a hand over all the functions smoothly.

Pros and cons of Blogging


  1. it’s really helpful from an SEO perspective
  2. It assists in maintaining communications with users.
  3. It builds a good relationship with users.
  4. Most important, it generates an alternative income.
  5. It enhances your knowledge. Since blogging you will be surfing the internet for new topics, you will learn a lot, and hence increases your knowledge and practical skills.


  1. It requires a lot of time. It is time-consuming
  2. Your mind must be fresh enough. You can’t write on a primitive topic again and again. You have to be creative
  3. The returns may take time to get back to you.
  4. There isn’t any surety that it will generate income or not.

What are the main requirements for any blog?

  1. Setting Up: The foremost thing one must have to do is set up of the blog, whether it can be on BlogSpot or WordPress or any other preferred site
  2. Content: After setting up, you need to keep your blog active by way of daily content publishing.
  3. Marketing: once you set up your site, and are finished with content publishing, all you have to do is the marketing of the content published.

Keep your content available for others, and find ways to make it available to them. Focus on Off-page and On-page SEO.

How can I earn by blogging?

Everyone does blogging to earn in one or another way, there are very few who do blogging with an intention of self-satisfaction.

Earning in Blogging mainly depends upon your site traffic and authority.

If both conditions are high, then for sure you can earn in lakhs.

One can earn well enough by way of AdSense, AdSense is a common way of earning so we will not be talking much about that.

Let’s know some other ways of earning through blogging:


Backlink is a good way of earning money, where a person pays you for giving them a backlink. A backlink from a high authority website is preferred, so keep your domain authority high


One also pays you to allow them to publish their content on your website. When the traffic and the authority of the website are quite high, then you can charge a good amount of money for guest posting. In return, people will get a backlink and also the users who visit you.


Sponsorships are other ways where one gets paid for the promotion of any product, service, channel, or art, subjecting to the condition that the traffic is high enough to give those returns.


knowledge is the best investment that one should always do. While blogging you learn a lot, and after attaining knowledge you can charge for consultation and teaching of blogging to others.

Affiliate marketing:

when you are good to go with traffic and daily visitors, you can create our affiliate links, and when a user clicks those links and buys any product from your link, you get a commission in return from the seller. Affiliate marketing is a good way to earn

Content writing:

Content writing is a good way to earn. gives you a great experience of content writing, and content writing further opens the door to earning well enough.

A well-learned writer can earn a good amount of money through content writing. On an estimate, a writer who gives an hour a day can earn 400-500 per day from content writing. But skills matter for that

I hope you loved the content and got the fundamentals of blogging. There isn’t any surety that you will earn from blogging or not, but definitely, you will attain good knowledge during blogging.

Although chances of earnings are good enough, for that time and effort both are required.

We will be coming up with our next content soon.

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